Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility


We serve our customers’ individual needs and create value to the society by impacting millions of people every day by high-quality content so they can develop themselves and get more enjoyment from their lives. This is something our consumers and customers recognise, appreciate and have come to expect from us. We take pride providing quality content across all our media platforms and in educational material and solutions. Therefore we address responsibility from a media perspective: we honour journalistic ethics, freedom of speech and respect our audiences by acting in a trustworthy and transparent manner.

Our strategy and goals in responsible business

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our day-to-day business. Our goal is to create a positive impact on the individual and society through day-to-day business – everyday. We have the power to raise awareness with our content, ramp up education with our learning solutions, and have a vital role in promoting democracy and free speech. We want to raise discussions, create opportunities, connect people and encourage them to change their perception through our content. We believe that increasing knowledge and raising awareness is an important element in the quest to create a sustainable world.

Our approach

We are and want to continue to be respected for the ethical way in which we conduct our business. Sanoma’s guides the corporation’s day-to-day activities. Responsibility is embedded in all our business practices and the decisions we take. Our most significant environmental impact results from our use of energy (digital services, production, housing), print production and use of printing materials, distribution of products, transportation and purchasing. We especially focus on efficiency in the use of materials and energy. We carefully assess all suppliers that we use and demand responsibility in the supply chain, as procurement plays an important part in managing our environmental impact. Read more about environmental management in our CSR report  Our corporate social responsibility strategy aims to decrease our environmental impacts and develop and monitor our business practices to ensure that the day-to-day business creates a responsible impact. We strive to improve our economic, environmental and social performance and ensure that we act responsibly in all of our product and service offerings.

Talent management and embracing diversity are crucial elements in the media and learning industry. Treating all individuals equally and promoting equality in working life is an integral part of our responsibility and living up to the Sanoma Way values.  Providing development opportunities for our employees is one of the key factors for success, which is ensured with providing different training programmes. To attract and retain the best people, we support a culture that inspires our employees, supports creativity, values their diversity, and respects their views. We strive to integrate CSR as part of our culture as well as part of the day-to-day job.  We are guided by our Diversity policy and our Code of Conduct sets out general principles of ethical conduct and our responsibilities as an employer. Read more about our talent management

We have defined our key CSR themes by conducting a materiality assessment (identifying ourrelevant sustainability issues) that narrowed down the main topics that were raised in different stakeholder groups. Based on this materiality assessment we divided the key topics into two categories: topics that have an impact on our consumers or customers and actions that enable these impacts. We have identified that we create value to society in three core ways, through our content (societal impact), learning solutions (leaning impact) and by the innovative use of data (data and privacy impact).  Read more about our impacts in our CSR Report

The enabling aspects are issues that we can fully influence and therefore they constitute the basis ofour CSR strategy, ensuring that the day-to-day business creates a responsible impact. We grouped the enabling aspects into six sub-categories that we need to manage, develop and monitor: 

  • Ethical journalism (editorial integrity, advertising guidelines)
  • Environmental management
  • Supply chain
  • Talent and diversity management
  • Privacy and data management
  • Responsible business practices

Read more about how we manage these aspects in the CSR report in ‘Enabling responsibility’