Sanoma Media Finland is the leading Finnish multi-channel media company known for its leading brands. We offer information, experiences and entertainment through newspapers and magazines, television and radio as well as online and in mobile media.

Every day, everywhere

We reach most of the Finns every day.

Sanoma Media Finland comprises six business units: Helsingin Sanomat includes the product family of Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, the biggest daily in the Nordic countries. Ilta-Sanomat publishes Finland’s largest quality tabloid Ilta-Sanomat and the leading digital business news service Taloussanomat. Sanoma Lifestyle is a publisher of magazine contents, Kids Media publishes contents for children and juveniles, and Nelonen Media is a broadcasting group focusing on TV and radio. Sanoma’s pure-play digital products are centralized in Sanoma Digital. 

Our business is based on high quality, relevant, captivating content that we offer packaged around our attractive brands and delivered through our extensive media portfolio.


97 % of all Finns weekly
Mobile #1 & #3


580.9 M€ Net sales
49.5 M€ Operational EBIT
1797 Average number of employees



Sanoma House
— A lively hub for activities

Sanoma House is situated in Finlandia Park, a cultural oasis in the heart of Helsinki, north of the Helsinki railway station, beside Kiasma (the Museum of Contemporary Art) and the Music Centre.

It houses for example Helsingin Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat and Nelonen Media. 

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Media Piazza

The first and second floors mainly consist of covered public space. Media Piazza has a fixed auditorium and a video wall to showcase Sanoma’s own contents.

Media Piazza offers a meeting point for the city dwellers and media. The space can be adjusted to big and small gatherings from mass events to meetings, from coffee breaks to working.

The business centre of Sanoma House and the Media Piazza are open to public from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on weekends from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

More than a century of fantastic reading experiences

Sanoma has provided Finns with meaningful reading experiences since 1889.

Over the decades, we have developed the Finnish range of newspapers and magazines and created many of the biggest and most popular magazine brands and programme concepts in Finland. Content has always been our passion.

Finland’s largest media company, Sanoma Media Finland Ltd, was established 1.1.2014 by merging Sanoma’s Finnish media operations. We reach nearly all Finns with our extensive media portfolio every day.

Management Group

Pia Kalsta

CEO, Sanoma Media Finland

CEO, Sanoma Media Finland

Born 1970, M.Sc. (Econ.)
Pia Kalsta has served in various positions in Nelonen Media since 2001, as Marketing Manager 2001–2006, Vice President, Sales 2006–2008, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing 2012–2013 and as President since 2013. Several positions at SCA Hygiene Products e.g. as Key Account Manager, Product Manager and Marketing Manager 1996–2001.

Elina Piispanen

Chief Transformation Officer, Sanoma Media Finland

Chief Transformation Officer, Sanoma Media Finland

Born. 1963, M.Sc. (Econ.)
Elina Piispanen has previously worked with change management and digitalization consulting, as a board member and as an angel investor. She worked at Accenture and its predecessor Andersen consulting from 1986 to 2014. At Accenture she was as a partner in charge of several business areas also internationally and led significant internal and customers’ change projects. Among other things, she was in charge of establishing Nordic mobile and Change Management consulting businesses at Accenture.

Hans Edin

Chief Commercial Officer, Sanoma Media Finland

Chief Commercial Officer, Sanoma Media Finland

Born 1959, M.Sc. (Econ.)
Hans Edin has acted as Managing Director in Telefakta Ab 1983–1985, Director, Sales and Marketing in Oy Radio Ykkönen 1985–1989, Managing Director in PTV (Oy Suomen Paikallis-TV Kanavat Oy) 1989–1996, SVP, Sales and Marketing in Nelonen 1997–2008, President in Nelonen Media 2008–2013, CEO in SBS Broadcasting B.V. 2013–2014 and Group Head of Television in Sanoma 2014–2016.

Johanna Lahti

Director, Sanoma Lifestyle

Director, Sanoma Lifestyle

Born 1974, M.Sc
Johanna Lahti has worked as Editor-in-Chief of Me Naiset since 2012. Previously she has acted as managing editor of Me Naiset and worked in Ilta-Sanomat as supervisor and correspondent in London amongst other things. She has been a Director of Sanoma Lifestyle since June 2016.

Kaius Niemi

Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat

Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat

Born 1974
Kaius Niemi began his journalistic career as a television and radio reporter at the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE in the 1990s. Later he worked as a reporter at the television channel Nelonen (Channel Four Finland). In 1998 Niemi moved to Helsingin Sanomat where he was a staff writer at the Foreign Desk for six years. In 2005 Niemi became the City Editor of the Helsingin Sanomat City and Metropolitan News Desk. Two years later he was appointed Managing Editor of the newspaper. Since 2010 Kaius Niemi has worked as Editor-in-Chief of Ilta-Sanomat where his main focus is the digital content and its development. Kaius Niemi was appointed Senior Editor-in-Chief of Helsingin Sanomat 15th of September 2013.

Kari Laakso

President, Nelonen Media

President, Nelonen Media

Born 1973, B.A.
Kari Laakso has served Nelonen Media since 2007 as Programme Director, Radio 2007¬–2009 and as Senior Vice President, Radio 2009–2015. His earlier career includes, among others, NRJ Finland, where he worked as Journalist, Programme Manager and Programme Director 1999–2005. He has also worked at SBS / The Voice TV as Country Manager 2006–2007.

Niina Ryynänen

SVP, Consumer Sales and Customership, Sanoma Media Finland

SVP, Consumer Sales and Customership, Sanoma Media Finland

Born 1967, M.Sc. (Econ.)
Niina Ryynänen has previously served in consumer sales and marketing in retail. Her previous positions include, among others, Customer relationships and Marketing communication manager at Kesko 1997–2005, Vice Managing Director at K-institute 2005–2006, Manager of Marketing Services at SOK 2006–2007, Managing Director at K-Plus Ltd and Director for Customer relationships and Marketing at Kesko Food Ltd 2012−2014.

Tapio Sadeoja

Publisher and Senior Editor-in-Chief, Ilta-Sanomat

Publisher and Senior Editor-in-Chief, Ilta-Sanomat

Born 1958
Tapio Sadeoja has served for Ilta-Sanomat since 1981, first as a reporter and later on as the supervisor of foreign editors 1990–1996, Managing Editor 1997–2006, Editor-in-Chief 2006–2007 and Senior Editor-in-Chief since 2007. Sadeoja was appointed Publisher in 2010. Since 2009, he has also served as Senior Editor-in-Chief of Taloussanomat.